Field with wind turbines on horizson

Capturing wind energy

a Homegrown, Clean Resource

Rainbow Energy Center, LLC is working with wind developer, Apex Clean Energy to develop Discovery Wind, a wind energy project located in rural McLean County, North Dakota.

With agricultural, outdoor, and energy heritage in mind, Apex is working with local landowners, community and state leaders, and various stakeholders to design a project that fits within the local community.

Nexus Line, our sister company and owner of the transmission system, currently has a long term transmission services agreement with Discovery Wind to facilitate the delivery of the 400MW of renewable wind generation from North Dakota to the MISO market in Minnesota, enough to power up to 144,000 homes.


Delivering up to 400MW per hour of renewable wind generation.

Homes Powered

Producing enough energy to power up to 144,000 U.S. Homes.

$ 0 M
Back to districts

An estimated $1.9m/year goes back to state and local taxing districts.

$ 0 M
Local Jobs

Totaling salary of $1.2 Million/Year in local operational jobs.

Rainbow Energy is partnering with the right projects to power America with clean, natural resources.

Statistics based on information provided by Apex Clean Energy.