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Coal Creek Station is North Dakota’s most efficient power plant, located near the Missouri River between Underwood and Washburn. The power plant has a long history in North Dakota. Ground broke for Coal Creek Station in 1974 and the first unit began generating electricity in 1979. Each year Coal Creek Station utilizes approximately 8 million tons of beneficiated lignite to fuel the plant; Falkirk Mining Company, a subsidiary of North American Coal Corporation is the sole lignite supplier of Coal Creek Station.

This electrical generation sends approximately 1,151 megawatts (MW) per hour to Minnesota via the HVDC transmission system.

Fly ash recycled
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99.5% of the fly ash produced in generation is recycled for cement replacement.


Coal Creek Station produces up to 1,151 megawatts of electricity per hour.


We have approximately 200 employees from surrounding communities.

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We utilize approximately 8 million tons of beneficiated lignite per year to power our communities .

We’re proud to operate the most efficient plant in North Dakota and deliver power to the upper Midwest.