What we do

Committed to North Dakota

Sustainable Energy

We serve our community by harnessing the natural resources around us, for a sustainable future for us all.

Our mission is to provide sustainable and reliable energy for the communities where we live and work. From North Dakota’s most efficient power plant to the transmission system that sends the energy where it needs to go to cutting edge carbon capture, we are thinking of you and our future. 

As your neighbors, we're committed to you and your well-being.

Serving as North Dakota’s most efficient power plant.

Traveling more than 400 miles and distributed to 1.7 million people.

Producing 400 MW of clean, renewable energy to compliment coal.

Reducing the environmental impact with clean air solutions.

Corporate Responsibility

powering a brighter future for our communities

We believe in building strong partnerships and supporting the communities you call home by giving back through charitable donations, scholarships, volunteering, and more.