Stacy Tschider Rainbow CEO

Stacy Tschider


Stacy has strategically built and ran a successful business empire across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. His portfolio in the North American markets have over a quarter century of prominent success in leading the wholesale electricity and natural gas, retail natural gas, propane, oil, and real estate industries.

Stacy is a founder of Rainbow Energy Center and Nexus Line. He was instrumental in leading the Rainbow Energy Center team in the purchase of Coal Creek Station which is a 1,151 MW power plant. He also played a huge role in the Nexus Line purchase of the HVDC facilities, containing the 436 mile high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line. These acquisitions will not only pave the way in carbon capture and storage technology, but more importantly save over 600 jobs with an estimated impact of $1.5 billion in local North Dakota communities.

These foundational developments are near and dear to his heart, as unlocking the potential of his local community brings a great level of purpose in his entrepreneurial journey.