Person welding with protective helmet and clothing

A fundamental value

Safety is at the forefront of our mission

Rainbow Energy Center is committed to a culture of safety. We maintain a safe and healthy work environment for each and every employee through active awareness programs and consistent, hands-on training. We empower and expect each employee to quickly respond to unsafe conditions so that every employee goes home safe at the end of each day.

Our Safety Principles

The following principles guide our commitment to safety:

  • The safety and health of our employees are critical priorities. We commit to providing a safe working environment, and in return we ask every employee to commit to working safely so that every employee goes home at the end of the work day;
  • We provide on-going safety training, education and communication to ensure employees understand and comply with all applicable safety laws and regulations and everyone is committed to keeping themselves and their co-workers safe;
  • Safety programs are in place at Coal Creek Station and all employees share the responsibility of maintaining the highest safety standards for themselves and their co-workers;
  • Every employee must comply with all established safety rules, laws, and regulations;
  • We provide a wide range of personal protective equipment to protect employees from risks and injuries and provide technical training to employees on the use, maintenance and repair of equipment to ensure all employees can perform their jobs in a safe and healthy manner;
  • We believe open communication related to "near misses", safety incidents, and protocols is essential to continuously developing and maintaining best-practices related to safety and enables us to identify and correct operational practices that might impair safety or health;
  • Key personnel participate in company-wide safety summits to discuss safety successes and opportunities for improvement including best-practices related to safety and the latest developments with respect to safety rules, laws, and regulations;
  • We conduct reviews of our safety and health practices at our locations to identify and correct operational practices or conditions that might impair safety or health quality at such locations and verify compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • We routinely conduct safety audits;
  • We contribute to industry-wide efforts to share best practices through our participation in, and support of, safety and health organizations and conferences.

Rainbow Energy Center’s daily goal is to have every employee return home safely. Our Safety Action Committee is a volunteer committee of employees that engage in continuous improvement of safety in the workplace. If at any time an employee observes a situation or task that is not safe, they will stop work until safety concerns are resolved.

Brad Steier

Safety Administrator

We are dedicated to safeguarding our employees.